Durston Gear is a small family owned business, so you can count on being able to discuss any issue you might have with a real and sympathetic person who is familiar with the gear you’re talking about. We sincerely design and test our gear to be the highest quality, so instances of warranty claims are very rare (well under 1%) but we’ll be there if you do have an issue.

For our gear, we formally offer a 2 year warranty (tents) or 1 year (packs) as our promise to you, but ultimately we genuinely stand behind our gear so if something happens beyond this and it is our fault, we’ll make that right. We’re not going to hide behind some arbitrary deadline. 

What our warranty covers is defects in the gear. That could be something that isn’t assembled right, has a cut or stain from the factory, or is a faulty design. Defects like this are eligible to be replaced, refunded, or repaired under warranty at our discretion. Please note that color and pattern variation in DCF is normal, as it is a hand assembled fabric. What is not covered is wear and damage. Our gear is lightweight gear that should last a very long time but does require some care during use and can be damaged by accidents or misuse. Examples of this include damage to the floor from sharp objects, mice chewing holes in the mesh, and zippers wearing out after a few hundred days.

If you do have an issue from wear or damage, no need for worry. A focus of ours is to support our products with replacement parts, repair advice, and repair services, so even if something doesn’t fall under our warranty that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. We are working towards offering affordable replacement parts and repair services, so the difference between something covered under warranty or not is typically just a small repair cost. As a new company we are still setting some of these things up (e.g. with supply chain shortages we don’t have many replacement parts right now) but we are working towards it.

For warranty issues or questions with an item sold here on DurstonGear.com please email us at support@durstongear.com. Warranty for the X-Mid 1 and 2 tents is handled by our distribution partner Kaviso, but we still like to be in the loop on that. You contact them about warranty here. When you get in touch with either of us, please provide some pictures along with a description of the issue.

Dan Durston