Iceline Trekking Poles

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The Iceline poles use a unique weight efficient design to create a trekking pole that is lighter, stronger, and more reliable. They offer the compactness of a 3 piece pole and the reliability of an external adjuster, while shaving unnecessary weight to craft a pole that is both sturdy and the world's lightest three piece pole at just 135 g (4.7 oz).


Three piece trekking poles are the norm because they can stow conveniently on the side of your backpack, but all prior 3 piece poles contain a shortcoming: dual adjusters. 

Having dual adjusters is not only unnecessary (because a single adjuster gives ample adjustment range) but actually a negative because the second adjuster adds weight, complexity, potential to slip, and more hassle to set your poles to a specific length. The Iceline poles use a fundamentally better approach: replacing the lower adjuster with a quick connect mechanism. This gives an even shorter packed size (comparable to 4 section poles) while making the pole lighter, simpler, and more reliable. In regular use they operate like a 2 section pole, but the tips can disconnect for a compact packed size when needed.

Additionally, we've obsessed over the rest of the pole to save unnecessary weight including a tighter fitting grip that requires less glue and a lighter integrated tip design. Even the matte finish has been carefully considered to look beautiful while saving grams over a glossy lacquer finish. 

As a result of its' weight efficient design, the Iceline poles are able to invest more weight into areas that matter (stronger tubing, a more reliable external adjuster) while also providing a lighter pole that is nicer to use.


The Iceline poles are quite durable for a lightweight trekking pole because they use premium high strength carbon and larger diameter tubing that is more weight efficient (both stronger and lighter).

In particular, the non-telescoping nature of the lower connection enables thicker 16 mm tubing for the tip section. Other poles with telescoping lower connections have to use narrower tubing for the tip section (typically 12 mm) but this makes those poles weaker right where they are most exposed to potential damage. The 16 mm tubing here substantially reduces the risk of breakage.

The Iceline poles are a sturdy pole that can hold more weight in a horizontal load test than comparable poles while having about half the flex. This low flex and high strength provide a more confident experience and lower risk of breakage.

Premium Carbon

The Iceline poles are custom built for Durston in Austria by Komperdell who have over a century of experience building high quality poles. These poles use their highest grade carbon to achieve greater performance at a lower weight.

External Adjuster

Unlike other poles near this weight, the Iceline poles have external adjustment which is easier to adjust, simpler to maintain, and less likely to slip compared to internal 'twist' adjusters. The external adjuster allows for ample adjustment range of 95 - 127 cm.

Quick Connect

In regular use the Iceline poles operate like a 2 piece pole with the upper external adjuster, but if you want them to pack short you can disconnect the tips with the quick connect mechanism. This mechanism enables a short pack size that is more compact than even other 3 piece poles, while being lighter, simpler, quicker to adjust the pole length, and with no risk of slippage.

Larger Diameter Tubing

The Iceline poles use larger diameter tubing to increase strength and reduce flex. In particular, the lowest section (which is the most common section to break in other poles) uses larger 16 mm tubing compared to 12 mm in other lightweight poles, making the Iceline poles stronger where you need it most.

Matte Finish

The Iceline poles have a matte finish that gives the poles a premium look, but more importantly, is the result of our focus on weight efficiency as it saves several grams in lacquer compared to a glossy finish.


The Iceline poles are custom built for Durston in Austria by Komperdell (a well respected maker of high end poles for over 100 years). Even the stuff sack is high quality, as it re-purposes otherwise scrap Dyneema® fabric from our Pro series tents to provide a superlight (5g) way to store the poles.

A key goal with the Iceline poles was to improve reliability and ease of use, because other lightweight poles commonly use internal 'twist' adjusters that are prone to slippage, or when they use external adjusters they use plastic parts. Either way, having dual adjusters doubles their risk of issues. With the Iceline poles the single adjuster reduces risk and is a more reliable external style with premium aluminum parts. The lower quick connector is also highly reliable with aluminum parts and no potential for slippage.

Overall, the efficient and patent pending design of the Iceline poles sets a new standard for ultralight trekking poles. At 135 g they are the world's lightest trekking poles that can pack short and have length adjustment, while being sturdier and more reliable than other poles near this weight. This makes them a joy to use for everything from a Rim-to-Rim day hike of the Grand Canyon to a multi-week traverse of Alaska's Brooks Range.





135 g (4.75 oz) per pole.



270 g (9.5 oz) per pair.


Dyneema Stuff Sack

5 g (0.2 oz)



49 cm (19.5")




The Iceline poles are the world's lightest adjustable trekking poles at 135 g (4.75 oz) each. This superlight weight makes them an effortless pleasure to use on the trail.

External Adjustment

The upper adjuster on the Iceline is a proven external adjuster (commonly referred to as flick locks) which is more reliable, easier to repair, and easier to adjust compared to internal ("twist lock") adjusters. It also uses premium aluminum parts instead of a plastic lever.

Dyneema Stuff Sack

A Dyneema stuff sack is included for secure storage of the poles. These sacks are build from scrap Dyneema fabric from our X-Mid Pro tents.



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