X-Mid Stargazer Kit

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The Stargazer kits are currently sold out due to high interest and limited production capacity. We are increasing production and will have ample supply starting in mid-October. Please sign up below to be notified when they are available:

Simple Pitching of Your Inner Tent

The Stargazer Kit enables easy pitching of your X-Mid 1 or 2 inner tent (does not work with the Pro series tents). It uses matching buckles which clip to the existing buckles on the peaks of your inner tent while grommets makes it easy to add your poles. Peak guylines are included and easily adjust with cord tensioners that match the rest of your tent.


To use the Stargazer kit, start by staking out the 4 corners of your floor so it lays taut in its parallelogram shape. Then buckle the Stargazer adapters to the two peaks with the matching buckles.

Then one peak at a time, extend your pole so it is 2-4" (5-10 cm) taller than the inner tent peak, insert the pole tip into the grommet, and stake out the guyline. The guyline should be aimed approximately in line with the ridgeline. Orienting the guyline in other direction will twist the inner and decrease space.

Use the provided tensioner to snug up the line and repeat at the other peak.




0.25 oz (7 g) x 2



0.15 oz (5 g) x 2


Complete Kit

0.8 oz (24 g)



15 mm Nylon

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Awesome for Clear Starry Nights!

With this lil' add on, you're pretty much Bug Free & Big Sky! ...it fits right over the pole tips with my 1P or 2P; and works as described!

Joan Rusche
Starry Nights Without Mosquitos!

Finally had a night to try out the X-Mid Stargazer Kit. I enjoyed seeing the stars, especially when I awoke in the middle of the night. Recommended for warm nights when there is no chance of rain.

Patrick Kennedy

Great, was as expected!

Christopher Seager
Great Accessory

Easy to use and small and lightweight. We take it with us everywhere and use if warm and no chance of rain.

Rolf Asphaug
Kit works great and is lightweight

It’s so great to have an option to pitch just the inner mesh of the tent when you’re confident you won’t get rain or significant condensation. If there is a chance for rain, you might want to consider instead doing some of the pitces shown online, but even they require you to get out of the tent and do some adjusting. I continue to be so impressed with the X-Mid line of tents, of which I own three!.