X-Mid Pro 1

Sale price$654.00 USD

Floor: Dyneema (Ships late July)
Stakes: Yes (DAC J Stakes x 8)

The 2024 X-Mid Pro 1 has arrived and features a variety of refinements and a new DCF floor option that is even lighter (15.5 oz / 440 g). Due to exceptional interest, all versions are currently sold out but the DCF floor version is available on pre-order for shipping in late July, while the woven floor version will be back in the fall. Sign up for a notice when they are in stock:

Pinnacle of Ultralight Tent Design

The X-Mid Pro 1 is the ideal tent for the ultralight backpacker. It combines our maximally weight efficient X-Mid geometry with Dyneema® composite fabrics (DCF) to create one of the most spacious, simple, and stormworthy one person tents on the market - and yet it weighs under 1 pound (just 15.5 oz / 440 g for the lightest version).


The X-Mid Pro 1 is a seriously spacious tent with more interior volume than any other 1P trekking pole tent. It's not just spacious in the context of superlight tents, but actually is more spacious than almost every 1P tent - at any weight.

The X-Mid Pro 1 accomplishes this with its space efficient geometry that moves the two poles further apart to create 25-50% more interior volume than competing tents, including more useable length, headroom, and shoulder room.

The floor length is a generous 90″ which is combined with steep end walls such that the length is still 90" at 15" off the ground. The result is best in class useable length (suitable for hikers up to 6’8″), while the 32″ floor width easily accommodates the widest pads with room to spare. You can comfortably sit up throughout the length of the tent while two people can easily sit in the tent together.

In addition, there are dual large vestibules which put the main area beside the door instead of blocking it, and can easily hold large packs and other gear.


The X-Mid design was formed in tough real world conditions where you need a shelter that works, and this elegant and capable simplicity continues in the X-Mid Pro 1.

Our thoughtful design includes an ultra simple 4 stake pitch, magnetic door toggles for one handed operation, doorways that aren’t blocked by poles, large vestibules that put the main area beside the doorway instead of blocking it, a tensioned floor that lies taut and wrinkle free, one handed operating zippers, and dual interior pockets.

The X-Mid Pro 1 also packs smaller than any other 1P DCF tent at just 4.5″ x 10″. Thanks to the absence of poles and struts it packs short enough to store horizontally in your pack.


More than just a spacious tent, the X-Mid Pro 1 is a robust shelter for harsh conditions. It uses ultra strong DCF fabric and combines that with the highly regarded X-Mid shape which optimizes wind and snow shedding.

Unlike other tents near the 1 pound mark, the X-Mid Pro 1 doesn’t trim away the lower part of the fly for weight savings but instead has a full coverage fly to block drafts and rain splatter while also having the option of raising it higher. Other features found in the X-Mid Pro 1 – but otherwise unheard of at the 1 lb mark – are peak vents (important to minimize condensation) and zippered doorways (blocks drafts, increases structural integrity).

The X-Mid Pro 1 also features dual protected doorways that keep rain out when open, attachments for peak and side panel guylines, and the ability to add up to 12 stakes around the base.


Our Favorite 1P Ultralight Tent

"The most comfortable, storm-worthy one-pound shelter we’ve ever tested. Is the X-Mid Pro 1 the holy grail for ultralight solo hikers? We think so."

Backpacking Light

You Can Do No Better

"Luxuriously spacious, simple to pitch....For a fully-enclosed trekking pole shelter, you can do no better."

Outdoor Gearzine

New and Wonderful

"Our storm of praise can't stop...This new and wonderful shelter has pushed forward mountain tent design by 100 years."

Road Trail Run

The Hype is Real

"The X-Mid Pro 1 is a head- and foot-room king. The hype is real...the easy setup and interior space exceeded expectations."

Magnetic Toggles

Magnetic door toggles with pull tabs provide easy one handed-operation.


Unlike most trekking pole tents, the doorways are large and not blocked by trekking poles.

Full Coverage Fly

The fly extends low to the ground to block drafts and rain splatter, yet can be raised for more ventilation. Other tents cut away the bottom of the fly to save weight but it leaves you more exposed.

Tensioned Floor

Small corner struts and cords tension the floor so it lays taut and easy to clean. Competing tents hang the bathtub floor from its top edge (like a bag) which saves weight but is more prone to wrinkling and sliding around.

Peak vents

Dual peak vents minimize condensation.


In addition to the highest performance design, the X-Mid Pro has industry leading quality. That starts by using premium materials like Dyneema, and assembling them at the most experienced tent factory in the world for DCF.

We use hot bonded construction to create Dyneema seams that are stronger, cleaner looking, and better retain their strength in extreme temperatures compared to sewn or cold taped seams. We also use a proprietary pre-shrinking process for DCF so the shape is more stable over time and won't deform or shrink to create wavy zippers like most other DCF tents. Lastly, we use thoughtful design and reinforcements to avoid stressing the fabric diagonally (on the 'bias') which adds costs but prevents premature degradation.


The X-Mid shape has been developed from the first principles of geometry to be as weight efficient, simple, and functional as possible.

That includes avoiding all the common pitfalls of trekking pole shelters such as a complicated pitch, mandatory guylines, poles blocking the doorways, and a lack of interior volume.

Read the story about how the X-Mid geometry was developed:

With best in-class space, stormworthiness, simplicity and build quality, the X-Mid Pro 1 is the ideal ultralight tent for everything from thruhiking the Pacific Crest Trail, to crossing Icelands’ wind-swept tundra, to remote adventures on Australia’s Bibbulmun Track.

Customer Reviews

Based on 97 reviews
Jack Hanley
Incredibly spacious and well designed. Truly stands out in this weight class!

In a year, I spend ~ 40 nights in the backcountry for personal trips and ~ 50 nights camping for my job. I am an avid backpacker, canyoneer, packrafter and climber - my trips are almost all in the canyons of southern Utah.

Here in the desert - 90% of the time I sleep without a shelter, and sometimes I use a tarp. I wanted a fully enclosed shelter with a bugnet and floor for trips with bad weather, and the occasional trip in the mountains. I carry 1 trekking pole and for that reason, I really wanted to love the HMG Mid 1. I bought both the HMG Mid 1 and the Durston X-mid pro 1 to setup side by side in my living room. Almost immediately I choose the X-mid pro 1 for its incredible spaciousness ( I am 5'10" ), and what sealed the deal was of course the weight....
On my scale the HMG Mid1 in its included stuff sack weighed 19oz, while the Durston X-Mid Pro 1 in its stuff sack with 1 Durston Z-flick pole also weighed 19oz. Even for a single trekking pole user who carries the weight of the zFlick pole, the X-mid is a clear winner.

After 4 nights in the Superstition Wilderness over Christmas, here are my thoughts:

The live-able space is truly remarkable! I don't have to think about where I situp or how I turn my shoulders to avoid hitting the walls. I spent ~ 12 hours in the tent each day and was truly comfortable hanging out. If you carry a tent, and your not comfy living in it, you might as well stick to the tarp.

The tiny corner stiffeners on the bathtub floor are a detail I hadn't seen online anywhere and are one of several factors that make this the most shapely and effective bathtub floor I have seen.

Vestibules are huge & all design details impeccable! Truly a genius design.

Only qualm - I do worry about the durability of the YKK #3 zipper, especially in my sandy environments, but it seems this is the standard for tents in this weight class.

Thank you Dan for this genius tent!

Rose Nolen-Walston
This tent is THE ONE

What a fantastic tent. Extraordinarily light, totally roomy, crazy quick to pitch. I've had in in hail storms and huge winds and it never misses a beat. I'd say it took me about 10 repetitions to work out how to get a really optimal pitch - so give yourself a little time to practice when you first get it. It still works great even with an imperfect pitch, but you're going to want to show this baby off on your social media...

Tanja Pietrass
So far so good!

I have used my xmid pro 1 on one backpack so far. I had pre-attached the guy lines to make it easy to set up in windy conditions. The sleep area not being colinear with the edges of the tent takes a little getting used to. My first night I only had a narrow spot that was flat enough for sleeping and there was not sufficient space for the vestibule due to some shrubbery, so my setup was a bit crooked and it was hard to get the fabric taut. It all worked out but was not the prettiest setup ever. I did have condensation issues (the vents were open). But conditions were conducive for condensation, temps were in the high 20s, and we camped in a valley with a river. One of my friends also had condensation on their double wall tent, the other did not. But then, the spots were not identical. I like how spacious the tent is on the inside, the tall vestibules (best I've ever had on any tent), and the nice large doors. The magnet to hold the fly open is genius - no more fumbling with freezing fingers. Overall, I'm very happy and have a feeling that my 4 stars may migrate to a 5 star eventually; I need to get better at setting it up properly and do a few more condensation tests. I'm not 100% convinced whether to take it to Alaska this summer where it's hard to keep stuff dry, and I don't need extra moisture from condensation. If setting up with guylines, the 8 stakes provided are not sufficient, and I used sticks etc to supplement. I already lost a stake, and I ordered a bunch of lightweight Ti stakes to supplement the ones it came with.

Glad you're liking the tent. With more use, the pitch should continue to improve and think you'll get increasingly confident with it for Alaska. We have a lot of people in Alaska that use these tents. Also if you do have a pitching issue that doesn't seem to resolve, our new pitching guide video has a good troubleshooting section. Thanks for the kind words and good luck on your upcoming hike!
- Dan

The Perfect Multi-Day Hiker's Shelter

I've just completed a variant of Wainwright's Coast to Coast, incorporating a bunch of high routes (18 Wainwrights), 11,500M of total ascent, & just over 200 miles.

The weather, at times, was genuinely as bad as you'd expect for the UK during hiking season, with 3 separate yellow weather warning days, loads of rain, a little hail, & plenty of wind on the exposed fells & moors.

My X-Mid 1 Pro shrugged off all conditions with ease, holding steady & watertight throughout my 13 day hike. Indeed, I only actually had to deploy guy lines on 3 separate nights, such is the stability of this little wonder!

With minimal practice, I was able to consistently both erect & tear down this tent within 5 minutes - very important when the rain's beating down on you after a 20+ mile day!

Whilst it's not the roomiest of tents inside, it easily fits a wide sleeping pad (mine is the Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Xtherm Regular-Wide), with space at the foot / head of the tent to store camp kit, & plenty of headroom for sitting upright (I'm 6ft tall).

The vestibules are spacious, with enough room for all of my gear in one, & everything I need during camp in the other - a setup made possible due to the inclusion of 2 doors, which I loved.

This wonderful tent allows my shelter system (tent, groundsheet, 4 large stakes, 6 small stakes, 4 guy lines, & storage bags) to come in at 880 grams (less than 2lbs!), meaning my total pack weight, with 1.2L of water, came in at 8.82kg - perfect for high mileage hiking.

Furthermore, the customer service was excellent - informative, communicative, & always helpful. Not only would I recommend Durston tents to anyone looking for a true hiker's shelter, but I'm actively looking to purchase an X-Mid 2+ for when I go adventuring with the missus!

Richard Stoodley
Just the job ..... Going on a Journey - USA5000

I write this review as an excited 'pre-use' review, because after taking delivery from the helpful people at Durston Ive just set it up in my back garden and it is amazingly easy to set up and adjust, so spacious and I just know its going to be brilliant for my epic trip.

Well Epic trips often require epic equipment and I although I will be staying some nights in Motels and AirBnBs, mainly to charge electrical equipment and wash clothes etc, I needed something that would not just be spacious and light, but reliable and pack down small as well as ensuring it keeps the elements at bay.

So after reading the reviews and from a recommendation, I opted for the X-Mid Pro 1.

The reason I need such a light pack is because in August, Im setting off on an amazing journey, by bike from New York to San Fransisco (Mill Valley, CA to be exact) and Im going to be taking the trails and gravel roads rather than the paved roads and also not going as direct as I could with the aim to top 5000 miles.

Carrying all my other equipment and pedalling a bike is going to be hard enough, so adding weight for no reason was just something I could not do.
Not only is weight very tiring to carry on a bike, but also bigger volume means bigger bags which also act as wind brakes. Small size was as impotant as low weight.

My route will send me to remote places, into the wildernesses sometimes for days on end without finding places to stay, so camping is the only option.

I have previously done the Atlas Mountain Race in Morocco and taken a 'light' Bivvy Bag, but a bivvy bag (even with a hoop) is difficult to use, claustrophobic and besides its about a quater of the size and weighs just 20g less. There is no argument what I will take on next years AMR.

Im so looking forward to packing this brilliant Tent up in my gear and setting off on my adventure on 3rd August 24.

I know for sure that I will have the protection I need .... all I need to do now is actually use it and I will be updating this review after or during my trip on here and on my website.

I'm 63, from the UK and and everyone knows me as 'RAPID', and this trip is way, way, way out of my comfort zone and I am sure America is going to stun me with its beautiful scenery, and amazing people but Im also aware that Mother Nature will also have a few tricks up her sleeve on my 3 month journey and throw some weather at me.

If you are wondering 'WHY' Im doing this trip ... its simply to 'nip over' to WTB Head Office to say 'Thank You' in person for sending me some Tyres !!

I hope you can follow me on www.rapidrich.co.uk.

And a huge 'Thank You' to Dan and the Team at Durston for designing such an awesome bit of kit that is already giving me confidence on such a daunting journey ahead. Wish me luck.




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