Warranty, Returns and Shipping

This page explains our policies for warranty, returns, and shipping. In brief, we accept returns within 30 days, our warranty is 1-2 years (depending on the product), and our shipping is normally 5-8 days within North America and 10-15 days internationally but we do have faster options.


Any item sold on DurstonGear.com ships from our workshop in Golden, BC, Canada. We normally ship via Canada Post who will give the package to the national postal system in your country (e.g. USPS, Royal Mail, Australia Post, Deutsche Post etc). Shipping normally takes 5-8 days to the USA and Canada, and 10-15 days internationally (e.g. Europe, Australia, Asia) but can be faster or slower depending on the postal service. If you are shipping to a trail town in the USA, we recommend to allow 12 days to be very confident it will arrive in time. If your timing is tight, we do have a faster Xpresspost option that is similar to USPS Priority and is usually 3-6 days to the USA and 4-8 internationally.

If something goes wrong during shipping such as package that never arrives, we will support you through that and replace the item. If the tracking shows that the package has been delivered at your address, but you report that it is not received, we will work with you on the matter to try to find a resolution. We want to be supportive when the postal service makes a mistake but unfortunately it is common for people to falsely claim they didn't get the item when they did, or for packages to be stolen from your porch. These types of theft are common and outside of our control, so we can't provide free tents to everyone who claims this. If you want to avoid the risk that your package is stolen from your porch or not actually delivered properly, you can request that we require a signature for pickup.

For tax, we charge sales tax at checkout for shipments within our home country of Canada while in other countries tax is charged by your country when it arrives. Packages are typically tax free to the USA and Australia since they have tax free thresholds of $800 USD or $1000 AUD. In Europe there is higher tax due to 12% import tax and VAT of 12-21% (24-33% tax combined). While this is high tax, it is the same tax you would pay on gear purchased locally and the main difference is just that the tax is more obvious since it is charged separately instead of hidden in a higher price.


We accept returns within 30 days of you receiving the item. For a full refund, the gear must be in new condition and the buyer is responsible for the return shipping cost.

If the gear is lightly used, we may still accept it - we would just do so at a fair discount to reflect the depreciation.

To initiate a return please contact us.


Durston Gear is a small family owned business, so you can count on being able to discuss any issue you might have with a real and sympathetic person who is familiar with the gear you’re talking about. We sincerely design and test our gear to be the highest quality, so instances of warranty claims are very rare (well under 1%) but we’ll be there if you do have an issue.

We formally offer a 2 year warranty (tents) or 1 year (packs) as our promise to you, but ultimately we genuinely stand behind our gear so if something happens beyond this and it is our fault, we’ll make that right.

What our warranty covers is defects in the gear. That could be something that isn’t assembled right, has a cut or stain from the factory, or is a faulty design. Essentially it is something within our control. Defects like this are eligible to be replaced, refunded, or repaired under warranty at our discretion. Please note that color and pattern variation in DCF is normal, as it is a hand assembled fabric. What is not covered is wear and damage. Our gear is lightweight gear that should last a very long time when used with care but can be damaged by accidents or misuse. Examples of this include damage to the floor from abrasion, mice chewing holes in the mesh, zippers wearing out, and broken pack straps from picking up the pack by a secondary strap not intended for that load.

If you do have an issue from wear or damage, no need for worry. A focus of ours is to support our products with replacement parts, repair advice, and repair services, so even if something doesn’t fall under our warranty that doesn’t mean you’re left in a tough spot. We offer affordable replacement parts and repair services, so the difference between something covered under warranty or not is typically just a small repair cost. As a new company we are still setting some of these things up but we are working towards it.

For warranty issues or repair needs please email us at support@durstongear.com.