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Pinnacle of Lightweight Tent Design

The X-Mid 1 has been developed from the first principles of geometry to achieve the most weight efficient, simple to use, and stormworthy design for a trekking pole shelter. The result is a double wall tent that is incredibly user friendly, capable and spacious while weighing just 28 oz (795 g). As a result, it has become one of the most awarded tents in recent years including awards for best tent from The Trek, Outdoor GearLabSection Hiker and numerous other respected outlets.


Most ultralight tents are designed more as fair weather shelters, and thus compromise stormworthiness and protection for weight savings - such as using lighter coatings that are barely waterproof, extremely thin fabrics, cutting away areas of the fly which leaves you most exposed, and omitting important features like peak vents and guy out points.

With the X-Mid we save weight with efficient design including minimizing seams and maximizing the volume:surface ratio, so we can create a tent that is both light and capable in tough conditions. The X-Mid excels in rough weather with its fly first pitch, full doublewall design, non-sag poly fabric, large adjustable vents, factory waterproof seams, full-coverage fly (blocks rain splatter and drafts), stormworthy shape, and protected entryways that avoid rain falling inside. No other tent can claim that list.


Simplicity and user friendliness are a major focus for the X-Mid because the last thing you want in bad weather or at the end of a long day is a tent that is a hassle to use. We avoid complexity and improve the user experience with our focus on first principles design, combined with obsessive attention to detail and extensive real-world validation.

Unlike most trekking pole tents, the rectangle based X-Mid offers a simpler 4 stake pitch. There are no mandatory guylines, no struts that are harder to pack up and store, and no measuring pole heights or estimating odd angles. It goes up quickly with just 4 required stakes and 2 poles that can be extended without measuring.

Once pitched, the user friendliness continues with large doorways that aren’t blocked by poles, vestibules that put the main area beside the door instead of blocking it, magnetic door toggles, intuitive pockets, and one hand operated zippers. Notably, the X-Mid uses polyester fabric for the fly which doesn't sag and absorb water like nylon so your pitch stays tight and the tent dries quickly. Polyester was controversial when we launched the X-Mid with it in 2018 but our passionate advocacy for it has led to many other companies following our lead.

The Trek

We Love This Tent

"A laundry list of well-thought-out details makes this tent exceptional in rough weather....it is our all around best thru-hiking tent of 2023."

Section Hiker

Editors Choice

"The X-Mid 1 is my favorite tent...it is a great shelter if you want a trekking pole tent that is affordable, spacious, stormworthy, and packs up small."

Best Ultralight Tent

It's still hard for us to believe that such an easy-to-set-up tent can be so delightful to spend camp time in while also being almost invincible to storms....it's our favorite 1P tent.

Paul Messner (YouTuber)

Best 2023 Tent

"A brilliant tent.....there's been a lot of hype around this tent and I think it's justified. It does everything really really well....the X-Mid ticks more boxes than any other"

Cottage Gear Innovation Award

"With a new type of design...the Durston X-Mid 1P offers light weight, livable space, ease of pitch, and storm resistance that we've never seen before"


The X-Mid geometry maximizes the space possible from two poles by using a diagonal ridgeline that positions the two poles further apart, while avoiding placing the poles near the edges that would detract from wind performance.

The result is a spacious 1P tent with best in class headroom. The two poles give headroom throughout the length of the tent so you can sit up anywhere in the tent and easily transition from laying down to sitting up without hitting the tent ceiling.

The floor has a generous 90" length which is combined with steep end walls to provide suitable length for hikers up to 6'4" (193 cm), while the floor width is a comfortable 32" that accommodates the widest pads. Also generous are the dual vestibules, which are spacious, tall, and easily hold even large packs.


In addition to the highest performance design, the X-Mid boasts the highest quality.

The tent is crafted at arguably the best and most experienced tent factory in the world using premium components, full double stitching, double folded edges, and generous bartacking.

We’re not aware of any other trekking pole tent that uses full double stitching and true double folded edges. While this premium quality gives the X-Mid a higher cost of production than comparable tents, the X-Mid 1 is priced lower simply because we sell it to you direct with only a modest markup.

Magnetic Toggles

Magnetic door toggles with pull tabs provide easy one handed-operation.

Large Doorways

Unlike most trekking pole tents, the doorways are large and not blocked by trekking poles. They also have a protected design to keep rain out even when open, and can be propped open with a stick or pole to create a 'porch'.

Full Coverage Fly

The fly extends low to the ground to block drafts and rain splatter, yet can be raised higher for more ventilation. Other tents cut away the bottom of the fly to save weight but it leaves you more exposed.

Stormworthy Shape

The X-Mid provides the ideal shape with consistent and moderate panel slopes. All the panels are an ideal 50 - 55 degrees which balance wind and snow shedding to provide excellent all around performance. Most tents are less consistent with a mix of shallower panels (worse for snow shedding) and steeper panels (worse for wind performance).

Ample Headroom

The X-Mid's offset poles provide a longer diagonal ridgeline that extends the headroom over more of the tent. There is ample clearance to transition from laying down to sitting up without hitting the tent, and room to sit up anywhere in the tent.


The X-Mid shape has been developed from the first principles of geometry to be as weight efficient, simple, and functional as possible.

That includes avoiding all the common pitfalls of trekking pole shelters such as a complicated pitch, mandatory guylines, poles blocking the doorways, and a lack of interior volume.

Read the story about how the X-Mid geometry was developed:

As an incredibly well rounded, spacious, and capable shelter, the X-Mid 1 is the ideal ultralight tent for everything from a long thru hike to a remote adventure in Alaska. That's why the X-Mid 1 has become both the most popular and highest rated 1P tent on all three triple crown trails (Applachian Trail, Continental Divide Trail, and Pacific Crest Trail) according to hiker surveys by The Trek and Halfway Anywhere.

Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
Dylan H
Excellent lightweight tent

Took this tent out in the west coast trail. Extremely easy to pack and set up if you keep the fly attached. Very notable condensation on the fly but it dries out super quick. As a 6 foot 3 person fairly broad, you’ll stretch the mesh at times but don’t be afraid to, this tent is built well and strong. Extremely generous vestibule areas make it more than manageable to handle your camp.

Excellent tent !

Used the x-mid 1p and was amazed at how easy a strong set up was even in a smaller back country tent spot. Quite blustery conditions here in the Wind River Range just above treeline and inside the X-Mid 1p was like walking into a house and closing the door. Fantastic experience; excellent design! The sil/poly and construction is top notch! Thank you. -Chris

Thanks for the kind words Chris. Glad the tent is working well. Beautiful shots!
- Dan

Took the xmid1 to the Dolomites - amazing tent

Was super pleased with it

Francis Suhre
Bike and canoe camping

My first trekking pole tent. Easy set up, lightweight, compact, quality construction. Plan to use for bike and canoe camping.

Joel Blake

When I started out on the trail, I wasn't sure about the tent. It is a little challenging to setup in that you need the correct geometry. The first night it was a little askew and so my feet kept pushing through the mesh and hitting the wall. By the last night I was more careful and set it up without that issue. At 6'4" and size 17 feet it's still just a little too snug and my feet usually hit the mesh of the tent. But, for a reasonable price, you get an amazing tent. Just a few more inches in lengths would be amazing. I somewhat regret not getting the 2. For a little bit more, you get so much more real estate. However, hiking in the forests of Michigan, unless you hit a camping spot or an overlook on a lot of trails it's been hard to find a relatively flat piece of earth you could lay a tent out on.

Thanks for the kind words and feedback. Yeah 6'4' is the upper limit of what we recommend the tent for. To boost the space, there is ensuring a tight pitch (as you mention) and also (1) staking out the fly on the end walls and (2) staking down the corners of the interior (this pulls the mesh out a few more inches). Staking down the two corners of the inner near the vestibules might be enough to give you the space you want, but also we are looking at ways to squeeze a few more inches of length for next year. Also the X-Mid Pro 1 is longer than the regular 1P, and then the 2P tents are seriously spacious since the parallelogram shaped floor gives on diagonal that is super long.


Get started with our comprehensive X-Mid pitching guide.