X-Mid 2 Solid

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Pinnacle of Lightweight Tent Design

The X-Mid 2 Solid is a variant of the award winning X-Mid 2 that is tilted more towards use in the shoulder season, cooler conditions, and wind-swept areas like Northern Europe, while remaining an excellent all around backpacking tent. Like its sibling, it has been developed from the first principles of geometry to be the most weight efficient design for a trekking pole shelter. No comparable tent under the 2.5 lbs (1.1 kg) mark offers such a well rounded mix of stormworthiness, spaciousness, and simplicity, which is why the X-Mid 2 has become one of the most popular and highly awarded tents in recent years including top awards from BackpackingLight, The Trek, and Section Hiker.


Most ultralight tents are designed more as fair weather shelters where they achieve their low weights by compromising in durability and stormworthiness. With the X-Mid 2 Solid, performance in tough conditions is a top priority, therefore the X-Mid saves weight through efficient design. This allows us to make a tent that is both ultralight and capable for tough conditions.

The X-Mid 2 Solid has a comprehensive set of protections including a full doublewall design, full coverage fly (extends low to the ground to blocks drafts and splatter), fly first pitch (keeps the inner dry during setup in the rain), polyester fabric (doesn't sag and loosen like nylon), large adjustable vents, robust waterproof coatings, durable 20D fabrics, factory waterproofed seams, and protected doorways that keep rain out even when open. No other tent offers this full list.


When you're tired at the end of a long day or the conditions are rough, it's essential to have a tent that performs simply and intuitively. To achieve this, the X-Mid 2 Solid is designed from obsessive attention to detail and from Dan Durston's extensive backcountry experience.

The result is the X-Mid's simple pitch with only 4 required stakes. There are no mandatory guylines, odd angles, or guesswork, which is a refreshing contrast to most trekking pole tents that require numerous stakes, guylines, and struts as part of a complex pitching process.

The eye for usability continues when the tent is set up including large doorways that are not blocked by trekking poles, roomy vestibules that are located beside the doors instead of blocking them, magnetic door toggles, a collection of 4 thoughtfully placed pockets, and one handed operating zippers.

Even the packed size of the tent has been obsessed over and optimized into a short shape that can store horizontally in any pack.

The Trek

Best Thru-Hiking Tent

A laundry list of well-thought-out details makes these tents exceptional in rough weather...one version of the X-Mid or another should be near the top of your list.

Backpacking Light

Highly Recommended

"Exceptionally high quality. Field performance was outstanding. Overall, it has simply been a joy to use.”


Surpasses the Hype

"The Durston X-Mid 2 is one of the most hyped products in the ultralight backpacking world, and it lives up to, and maybe even surpasses, that hype.”

Section Hiker

10 Best Backpacking Tents

"It's shape makes it extremely weather and storm-worthy. The all-mesh interior tent has offset peaks to maximize headroom"

Adventure Alan

Top Pick

"A winning combination of low weight, a ton of livable area and great condensation control.”


The patented X-Mid geometry is the most space efficient architecture possible for a dual trekking pole tent. It accomplishes this with an innovative design that sets the two poles further apart for greater volume and headroom, while keeping them set back from the edges to avoid a boxy shape that would be less stormworthy and require more fabric.

The result is a generously sized 2P tent that provides ample space for two adults. That includes a 52" wide floor that fits the widest pads, and a long 92" length that accommodates hikers up to 6'4". The diagonal ridgeline also allows the two occupants to move further apart for greater personal space.

The dual vestibules are also generously sized and accommodate large packs and everything else - all without blocking the doorways.


The X-Mid 2 Solid is built at the most experienced tent factory in the world, who have been building nothing but premium tents for nearly 70 years.

In partnership with them, we go beyond high standards to specify premium components and robust construction methods including full double stitching, double folded edges, waterproof seam construction, and generous bartacking. We know of no other tent that uses double stitching as extensively as we do.

This focus on quality gives the X-Mid 2 Solid a higher cost of production than competing tents, yet the X-Mid 2 Solid is priced affordably because we sell it directly to you with only a slim markup.

Magnetic Toggles

Magnetic door toggles with pull tabs provide easy one handed-operation.

Large Doorways

Unlike most trekking pole tents, the doorways are large and not blocked by trekking poles. They also have a protected design to keep rain out even when open, and can be propped open with a stick or pole to create a 'porch'.

Full Coverage Fly

The fly extends low to the ground to block drafts and rain splatter, yet can be raised higher for more ventilation. Other tents cut away the bottom of the fly to save weight but it leaves you more exposed.

Stormworthy Shape

The X-Mid provides the ideal shape with consistent and moderate panel slopes. All the panels are an ideal 50 - 55 degrees which balance wind and snow shedding to provide excellent all around performance. Most tents are less consistent with a mix of shallower panels (worse for snow shedding) and steeper panels (worse for wind performance).

Ample Headroom

The X-Mid's offset poles provides a longer diagonal ridgeline that extends the headroom over more of the tent. There is ample clearance to transition from laying down to sitting up without hitting the tent, and room to sit up anywhere in the tent.


The X-Mid shape has been developed from the first principles of geometry to be as weight efficient, simple, and functional as possible.

That includes avoiding all the common pitfalls of trekking pole shelters such as a complicated pitch, mandatory guylines, poles blocking the doorways, and a lack of interior volume.

Read the story about how the X-Mid geometry was developed:

The X-Mid 2 Solid is a spacious and simple ultralight tent that shines when the weather turns challenging. It's a well rounded tent ready for everything from hillwalks in the UK's Lake District to remote traverses of Alaska's Brooks Range.

Customer Reviews

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Philippe Lemarchand
Cross the French Alps

In september 2023 I've cross the French Alps from the Leman lake near Geneva to the Mediteranée sea.
I've used the Xmid2 2p solid, and many people were interessed, and some have order this tent not knowing in French , also in great mountenaring specialist shop in Chamonix.
No problem in the snow and raining situation,
I like it !!

Wow! Nice photos! I'm glad the tent worked well for your French alps hike.

We have a Leman Lake here in the Canadian Rockies too, but not as nice as yours :)
- Dan

i used this in 80mph gusts :S

to paint a picture, it was 3am and i was camping in the mountains along the north coast of ireland with my dog in torrential rain, when some uber gale woke me up long before it actually hit the tent.

i was using 10mm carbon poles instead of trekking poles and under the force of the wind the pole by my head snapped and the broken end pierced the roof of the tent. luckily my friend had 1 unused trekking pole so i was able to use that to keep the tent up (scared the goo out of her trying to find it hahaha). after that, the tent held up til morning.

that was a year ago, and after taping and seam sealing the hole, the tent has held up to everything i've thrown at it since. it even held up to my 40lb lurcher trying to claw her way out when i'd zipped her in one night (she tried both doors lol).

it's a very reliable shelter and it's good to know that the poles are more likely to give out before the actual tent does. not to mention the fact that even if one pole does go down, the tent remains standing, even in silly weather.

i've since bought the durston poles because they are adjustable and about 10% thicker, but i'm not certain i'd even trust these in extreme conditions, compared to a solid aluminum pole, that is.

if i had to pick one disadvantage to the tent, it would be the same problem i have with most/all ground shelters,: pitching on uneven ground. if one corner is more elevated than the others, i've yet to find a good way to adjust things to maintain tension, and due to the larger than average size of the footprint, this can restrict camp site options from time to time (or make pitching more difficult in the dark). but these are the trade offs you make for such a large yet light shelter, they just seem amplified because of the fundamental qualities of the tent.

Albion Gruber
Xmid 2p solid late October Adirondacks

Arrived at summit just before sunset and wanted tent UP before photos of sunset with a full moonrise. Stake 4 corners fast and stick poles in tight-2 more stakes at vestibules. 20 or so gorgeous photos later I came back to see how my hasty pitch had worked out. Not nearly perfect but entirely fine for the night by myself and the full moon. Light and spacious.

Mark Smith
Scottish Proof

I’ve had this tent a while now, used in anger in some harsh conditions in Scotland, whilst the footprint is allot I’ve not had issue finding a spot, it’s a fantastic tent and one that I’m very happy I paid the import duty and taxes due to shipping from the US, it is worth it! Thanks Dan, loving the space and security this tent offers, even in the harsh conditions of the Scottish highlands💪🏼🙌🏼

Thomas Philpott
The best backpacking purchase I have ever made

Super easy to set up, lightweight and handles the wind and rain amazingly.


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