X-Mid Pro 2

Sale price$654.00 USD

Floor: Woven
Stakes: Yes (8 x DAC J Stakes)

The 2024 X-Mid Pro 2 has arrived and is even lighter. Other 2024 updates include magnetic toggles on the inner doors, more affordable pricing, and a new DCF floor option. Due to high interest, our supply of the DCF floor version has sold out but pre-orders are open for the next batch in March.

Pinnacle of Ultralight Tent Design

The X-Mid Pro 2 is the pinnacle of ultralight tent design. It combines our maximally weight efficient and stormworthy X-Mid geometry with Dyneema® composite fabrics (DCF) and a singlewall design to create a tent that is both incredibly light and incredibly capable. The 2024 version weighs as little as 18.2 oz (515 g) while also bringing unprecedented stormworthyness, simplicity, spaciousness, and build quality to the super ultralight tent niche.


Until the X-Mid Pro 2, if you wanted a 2P tent for a little over 1 lbs you had to settle for something cramped, delicate, and/or lacking in weather protection.

The X-Mid Pro 2 changes that. It provides a spacious interior for two adults with a generous 90″ floor length, ample 46" width, steep end walls to maximize useable length, and best-in-class headroom enabled by the unique geometry with a diagonal ridgeline and opposite diagonal floor. It fits hikers up to 6’4″ (dual occupancy) or 7’0″ (solo occupancy).

Also generous are the dual 11.6 sq ft vestibules which are large, tall, and conveniently place the main area beside the door instead of blocking it.

Want it even more spacious? Check out the X-Mid Pro 2+.


The stormworthiness of the X-Mid Pro 2 is excellent thanks to the extremely strong Dyneema composite fabric combined with the high performance X-Mid shape. The X-Mid has the ideal shape for wind and snow because the geometry gives all of the panels slopes that are consistently and moderate. There are no horizontal roof panels to catch snow, nor vertical side panels to catch wind. The tent pitches solidly with just 4 stakes, while peak and side panel guyouts can be added along with 8 extra stake points around the base if conditions warrant.

More than just surviving, the X-Mid Pro 2 keeps you comfortable in tough conditions with it's protected pitch (keeps the floor dry during setup in the rain), protected doorways (keeps the rain out even when open), dual peak vents which minimize condensation, and full coverage fly that can extend low to the ground to block rain splatter and drafts yet can be lifted higher for increased ventilation. Competing tents trim away the bottom of the fly to save weight but this leaves you more exposed to drafts and rain splatter. The X-Mid Pro 2 further enhances comfort in tough weather with its large interior space, and generous vestibules.

Backpacking Light

Highly Recommended

"If you want the highest-quality and best-performing ultralight shelter on the market, the X-Mid Pro should top your list."

Backpacker Magazine

A Titan of Featherweight Design

"Simpler than just about any other trekking-pole tent. It’s hard to beat the simple but effective design."

The Trek

Simply the Best

"Simply the best tent...an impenetrable bunker, super high quality, easy to setup. We couldn’t have been more pleased."


Gear of the Year

Durston’s lofty claims, especially compared to some other great shelters, are surprisingly valid...it proved to be outstanding in its class.

Adventure Alan

Our Favourite Super Ultralight Tent

"No other tent on the market gives you this much livable area for so little weight....an incredible tent design"

Backwoods Pursuit

An Absolute Gem

"Deflects wind, rain, and even snow with ease. Extreme attention to detail make it a joy to set up. I’m a HUGE fan."


The X-Mid Pro retains the user friendliness that the X-Mid tents are highly regarded for. Unlike most trekking pole tents, the rectangle based X-Mid has a simple 4 stake pitch with no mandatory guylines, no measuring or estimating odd angles, and no struts.

Once pitched, the intuitive minimalism continues with magnetic door toggles, doorways that aren’t blocked by poles, vestibules that put the main area beside the doorway instead of blocking it, a tensioned floor that lies taut and wrinkle free, and one handed operating zippers.

The X-Mid Pro also has a remarkably small packed size because of the efficient use of materials, less bulky floor material, and lack of struts which complicate packing up the tent.

Magnetic Toggles

Magnetic door toggles with pull tabs provide easy one handed-operation.


Unlike most trekking pole tents, the doorways are large and not blocked by trekking poles.

Full Coverage Fly

The fly extends low to the ground to block drafts and rain splatter, yet can be raised for more ventilation. Other tents cut away the bottom of the fly to save weight but it leaves you more exposed.

Tensioned Floor

Small corner struts and cords tension the floor so it lays taut and easy to clean. Competing tents hang the bathtub floor from its top edge (like a bag) which saves weight but is more prone to wrinkling and sliding around.

Peak vents

Dual peak vents minimize condensation.


In addition to the highest performance design, the X-Mid Pro has industry leading quality. That starts by using premium materials like Dyneema, and assembling them at the most experienced tent factory in the world for DCF.

We use hot bonded construction to create Dyneema seams that are stronger, cleaner looking, and better retain their strength in extreme temperatures. We also use a proprietary pre-shrinking process for DCF so that the shape is more stable over time and won't deform or shrink to create wavy zippers like most other DCF tents. Additionally, we use thoughtful design and reinforcements to avoid stressing the fabric diagonally (on the 'bias') which adds costs but prevents premature degradation.


The X-Mid shape has been developed from the first principles of geometry to be as weight efficient, simple, and functional as possible.

That includes avoiding all the common pitfalls of trekking pole shelters such as a complicated pitch, mandatory guylines, poles blocking the doorways, and a lack of interior volume.

Read the story about how the X-Mid geometry was developed:

As one of the lightest tents in the world yet remarkably spacious and capable, the X-Mid Pro 2 is the ideal tent for everything from a thruhike of the Continental Divide Trail to bikepacking across South America.





18.2 oz / 515 g (DCF floor) or 20.1 oz / 570 g (Silnylon floor)


Stuff Sack

0.3oz / 8g (DCF) or 0.4 oz / 12 g (Silnylon)


Stakes (Optional)

DAC J Stakes (4 x 6" @ 7 g; 4 x 8" @ 16 g)


Typical Setup (Tent, Sack, 6 Stakes)

21.2 oz / 600 g (DCF floor) or 23.1 oz (Silnylon floor).



World's Lightest 2P Tent

The weight efficient and patented X-Mid geometry combined with Dyneema® fabrics creates world's lightest two person tent, while also providing best in class headroom, living space, stormworthiness, and ease of pitching.

Dyneema® Fabric

Dyneema® Composite fabric (DCF) is extremely strong and highly waterproof (8,000mm).

Hot Bonded

Premium hot bonded construction provides stronger seams than cold taped or sewn construction.



The X-Mid Pro 2 provides unprecedented stormworthiness, user friendliness, and space for a superultralight tent, while also weighing less than all other 2P tents. To illustrate this, the table below compares the X-Mid Pro 2 to what is seen in competing tents.


X-Mid Pro 2

Main Competitors

Fly coverage

Extends low to block drafts and splatter

High cut fly leaves you more exposed

Peak vents

Dual vents minimize condensation

Vents are small or omitted


Minimum # stakes


6 - 10



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Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Debra Clinard
Best through hikers tent ever!

You couldn’t buy from a more kind, creative and gracious person, as Dan Durston. His design is strong in the weather and utilizes every inch of space inside. Very happy with my purchase. Thank you, Dan.

Thanks Debra!!
- Dan

Tony Tuxworth
review X-Mid Pro 2

Just tried out my new X-mid pro 2 in Tasmania Australia
woke up on the second morning with ice on the tent without any issues
easy to erect but i think that you need the extra support for the poles to make it stable enough in the wind.
plenty of room for one but might be a bit tight for 2

Thanks for the review Tony and glad you're liking the tent. The tent should be pretty stable with just the poles but we do have optional guylines. Our pitching guide shows how to get it tight without guylines so we recommend taking a look at that if you haven't, and then if you can get a tight pitch without the lines then they are only needed for high winds.


Sara Fitzroy-Moore
X-Mid Pro 2 (woven floor) Australia

Used for the first time on the Overland Track Tasmania (pitching on platforms). I found getting a taut, square pitch tricky with the suggested 4 stakes, esp getting the bathtub floor to stand up properly with a minimum of wrinkles. I had watched all the website pitching information, practiced at home, was only using level platforms, and tried the troubleshooting techniques on the DD website, so not sure what I was doing wrong. I used the storm pitch (i.e. all the guyouts) to get it taut thereafter and I put up with the weird bathtub.

I'd take fishbone stakes next time as the chains and tie down points on the platforms didn't always line up where I wanted them. That my have contributed to the pitching problems.

I kept the tent doors half open after the first night when I woke to slightly loose walls and condensation all over my new Feathered Friends sleeping bag. The tent was not pitched low and both upper condensation ports were open, so there should have been enough ventilation. Keeping a half door open on both sides of the tent worked well as the door zip does not go all the way up to the mesh leaving a small "eave" that stopped dew from falling into the tent floor. I'll DWR everything in sight next trip. Getting a taut pitch helped with shedding condensation and ensured the fly full of water stayed clear of my gear.

I found the tent on the small side for 2 people. While there is extra length on the floorplan it's not big enough for stowing packs IMO. It comfortably stowed a few small dry bags of gear up to the top of the bathtub floor, which was sufficient. Stowing extra gear any higher than the upper level of the bathtub risks making contact with condensation. Our packs went into the vestibules or the communal hut.

I tried the custom groundsheet on the first night but found it a bit of a fiddle as it's not easy to figure out which way to clip it in (it's a trapezius). Took three goes to get it right. I'll find a way to mark it for easier installation next time. I wouldn't leave it attached as I don't want to stow it with the tent with it's moisture and filth each day. I'm also going to make up a Tyvek groundsheet to match the size of the fly so it will be easier to clip on and provide a vestibule floor.

Personally I'd get the 2+ version if I was buying again, or go for ZPack Triplex or HMG Ultamid 4. But it's a good quality tent I'll keep for future solo trips and work on my pitching and bathtub skills.

Thanks for the review and glad you're mostly liking the tent.

For the pitch, the fly pitch mostly needs to be 90 degree corners, snugged up tight before adding the poles, and then the poles extended firmly. Our new pitching guide video is a lot more helpful for this and has a troubleshooting section for how to adjust things if the fly isn’t looking right.

For the floor pitch, partly the fly needs to be pitched tight because this pulls out on the floor to tension it, but also you can fine tune the floor pitch by putting the trekking pole tips in the connectors and then shifting them around. Usually sliding them to the right a bit gives a better floor pitch.

For the groundsheet, if you remember the logo side goes up, then it’ll be the right way everytime.

Yeah the 2+ version is larger and more spacious, so it is a nice option if you’re regularly using it with 2 people.

Thanks for using our gear,

Ben Galbraith
Elegant, practical and refined one / two person tent for ultralight / thru hiking.

This tent excels at what it is designed for: ultralight hiking & thru hiking! Light, compact and palatial for one. Practical for two if you are ultralight and packing 20” mats, (and if not tent bound for a week:). If predomnaly “base camping”, "short haul hiking", or lux hiking with wide pads etc, perhaps consider the plus size. But for my style of hiking this is the perfect balance that covers the 1 and 2 person set-ups I require. Of course, if you obsess and own a quiver of tents, you can have it all. Generaly don’t take a footprint, unless expecting rocky/gravel/prickels, and then take the dedicated Durston footprint, which in my mind integrates seamlessly. Unlike other tents, becuase of the compex geometry, if you do decide to use polycryo or tyvex, condider ordring the Durston footprint anyway to fast track a “build” of your own, you won’t regret it! If you design your own from scratch, it will take you 3/4 ittrations to get it just right, and even close to the thought that has gone into the inhouse foot prints. The Durston footprint is particuarly useful if it is dry when you pack up, and you want the footprint to remain attached to the tent for fast a solo setup in windy or inclement condtions. I have Kakwa 55 (current 23/24 version) and pack tent in the rear mesh pocket. I add a mitten hook to end of tent bag chord, to secure the tent the tent down in the rear mesh pocket.

Daniel Tobias

The best tent I have ever owned. Super easy pitch. New upgrades(double magnets) . 100%


Get started with our comprehensive X-Mid pitching guide.