In Development: A freestanding tent based upon the award winning X-Mid geometry to be more stormworthy, spacious, and functional.

X-Mid + Freestanding Tent Design

The X-Dome™ will be a freestanding tent based upon the award winning and patented X-Mid geometry. The upcoming X-Dome combines our innovative X-Mid floorplan with a freestanding tent pole structure to bring new levels of stormworthiness, spaciousness, simplicity, and user friendliness to the freestanding tent niche. It will be the ideal tent for those who prefer a freestanding shelter. Please sign up below to be notified when it launches:

The X-Dome is in the advanced stages of development and will be launching in the second half of 2024. Please sign up to be notified when the X-Dome is ready:


Our award winning and patented X-Mid geometry is one of the most significant recent inventions in the tent world. It provides the unique idea of rotating a tent floor onto a diagonal inside a rectangular fly and morphing that floor into a parallelogram shape. This diagonal orientation creates highly usable vestibules inside of a simpler rectangle fly shape (rather than the common hexagon) while the parallelogram floor makes full use of the fly area by providing interior storage at two opposite corners. The result is a tent that is highly functional while being simpler and lighter. This X-Mid floorplan is unprecedented, with no previous tent using a diagonal floor inside a rectangular fly, nor with a tilted/non -rectangular shape. There is sometimes confusion about this because other tents have had diagonal elements but always unrelated to the floorplan.

We explain this because recently a competitor has announced their intention to offer a freestanding tent based on our X-Mid floorplan. We are disappointed a major company is appropriating our floorplan invention and claiming it as their idea, but we share this not to air a grievance with them (please be nice) nor to claim they are outside of what they are legally allowed to do (that is complex matter) but just to explain that this floorplan is our invention, and to share that the idea of combining this unique floorplan with a traditional freestanding tent pole structure has not escaped us. We've been prototyping such a tent for several years - which is patent pending and we call the X-Dome. We may not be the first to release a freestanding tent of this type, but this floorplan geometry is something we invented and best understand, having spent years developing and refining this idea. As such, you can be confident that the authentic Durston version will be the best possible tent and worth waiting for. Please sign up below to be notified when the X-Dome is ready.

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