X-Mid Groundsheet

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Tent Model: X-Mid 1

Our factory built groundsheets offer greater protection and a cleaner floor for your X-Mid tent. The stock X-Mid floor is durable enough to last hundreds of nights without a groundsheet provided it is used with care on regular surfaces. A groundsheet is recommended for camping on harsher surfaces (e.g. rock, gravel), to provide a greater level of protection against unforeseen objects, and to keep your tent cleaner.


While many companies are content to sell you a piece of tyvek or a simple bit of fabric, we think groundsheets should be built to the same high quality standards as the tent you are using it with.

Our groundsheets are built using top of the line custom materials and construction methods. Unlike perhaps any other company, our groundsheets are fully double stitched, use double folded edges (to hide the raw fabric edges), have generous bartacking, and reinforce all of the connection points.

Unnecessary perhaps, but for a negligible weight difference we can make a groundsheet to be proud of.


Our groundsheets are the same shape as the floor (they do not cover the vestibule). To use the groundsheet, position it logo side up and slide it under the floor and clip it to the four floor corners. The ground sheet can be left attached to the tent or removed if you wish. We suggest normally leaving it attached but removing it when drying the tent.

X-Mid 1

Works with the X-Mid 1 and X-Mid 1 Solid (all years).

X-Mid 2
Works with the X-Mid 2 and X-Mid 2 Solid (all years).

X-Mid Pro 1
Works with the X-Mid Pro 1 (all years).

X-Mid Pro 2
Works with the X-Mid Pro 2 (all years).

X-Mid Pro 2+
Works with the X-Mid Pro 2+ (all years).



X-Mid 1 Groundsheet

3.3 oz / 95 g


X-Mid Pro 1 Groundsheet

3.3 oz / 95 g


X-Mid 2 Groundsheet

5.1 oz / 146 g


X-Mid Pro 2 Groundsheet

4.8 oz / 135 g

Customer Reviews

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Scott Williams
Groundsheet fits perfectly

The ground sheet fits my x-mid 1p solid perfectly. I can leave it attached and it's no hassles to set up and roll up. I can still fit everything into the stuff sack. I couldn't ask for more.

Happy with my new X-mid 2 solid, and Groudsheet


Good quality impression starting when unpacking. I'm quite impressed by the packability and the sturdiness. I only pre-tested it locally here in the Alpes, under real strong rain and wind conditions to prepare my trail. My wife and I had a good sleep and felt comfy. Easy fast setup too! The additional grounsheet is super light and compact, yet adding that extra confidence, keeping the floor protected on agressive surfaces.
It is not just a tent. It's a shelter you feel secure to use in demanding weather conditions. Super light and compact so you take it with you whatever your minimalism.
Thank you for having created such a good product unleashing our desire for adventure! Let's go back exploring outdoor now!

Pierre Aussage

X-Mid Groundsheet

William Jacobson
Ground sheet is a ground sheet

Fits X-mid tent well. is easily attached to tent and the tent is easily rolled up inside the clean side of the ground sheet to keep tent clean.

Bradley Smith
A good thing to have

My X-mid 1 is a couple of years old and has several holes in the floor after a few dozen nights of camping. So, I patched the holes with Tenacious Tape and invested in the ground sheet. I also got a ground sheet for my X-Mid Pro 2 to prevent holes. Both ground sheets are well-made and complement the tent. It is too soon to tell how much of a difference they make, but I think they are worth the investment in money and weight.