X-Mid Pro 2+

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Floor: Dyneema (Ships late July)
Do you need stakes?: Yes

Due to very high interest availability of the new X-Mid Pro 2+ will be limited in summer 2024. Currently the woven floor version is in stock while the DCF floor version is available on pre-order for tents shipping July 22-26. If you would like a reminder when the DCF floor version is back in stock please sign up below:

Ultralight and Spacious Tent Design

The X-Mid Pro 2+ is the ideal tent for partners who want a superlight yet stormworthy backcountry palace. It expands the award winning X-Mid Pro design into a larger 2+ size that weights just 19.2 oz (545 g) - making it the world's lightest tent that can accommodate two wide pads. More than just an amazingly light and spacious tent, the X-Mid Pro 2+ is also impressively capable thanks to the Dyneema® composite fabrics (DCF) and X-Mid geometry which is more weight efficient to provide greater stormworthiness while retaining the simplicity and user friendliness the X-Mid tents are revered for.


The X-Mid Pro 2+ takes the X-Mid geometry (which naturally boosts interior volume) into a larger form factor to create an oversized 2P tent that is palatial for two people and optimized for sleeping two people in the same direction (head to head).

Compared to the regular X-Mid Pro 2, the floor has been widened from 46" to 52" (1.32m) to accommodate all wide (25" / 64 cm) pads. Any other tent near this weight can only accommodate wide tapered pads and not wide rectangular ones like will fit here. The already excellent headroom has also been increased with a taller 49" (1.24 m) peak height. This adds headroom and also steepens the end walls to increase the useable length for hikers up to 6'6". We also reduced the rotation of the diagonal ridgeline to create more even headroom on both sides to optimize the tent for two people sleeping in the same direction. Compared to competing A-frame style tents, both sides of the X-Mid Pro 2+ have substantially more head clearance.

What hasn't changed are the dual generous vestibules, which are large enough to fit the biggest packs and conveniently place the main area beside the door instead of blocking it.


The X-Mid Pro 2+ provides the excellent stormworthiness the X-Mid tents are highly regarded for. It combines ultra strong Dyneema composite fabric with an ideal shape for handling wind and snow loads because the geometry gives all of the panels a consistently moderate slope. There are no horizontal roof panels to catch snow, nor vertical side panels to catch wind. The tent has a robust structure with 2 poles that makes it stronger than similar pyramid style tents, yet still pitches solidly with as few as 4 stakes. In stormy conditions, the tent can be reinforced with peak and side panel guyouts and up to 12 stakes along the base.

The X-Mid Pro 2+ is designed to provide a more comfortable experience in tough weather rather than just survive it. To achieve this it has a long list of protections including protected doorways (to keep falling rain out), a fly first pitch (to keep the floor dry), a wind stable pitch (not vulnerable to collapse at any steps), and a full coverage fly that extends low to the ground (blocks drafts, spindrift, and rain splatter) yet can be lifted higher for increased ventilation. Competing tents trim away the lower part of the fly to save weight but it leaves you most exposed to drafts and rain splatter. The X-Mid Pro 2+ further makes tough conditions more liveable with its spacious interior, large practical vestibules for storing wet gear, and dual peak vents that minimize condensation.


My Favorite Tent

"The perfect backpacking tent. Balancing weight, headroom, and floor space and better than any tent before....I’m not kidding when I say it’s my favorite."

The Trek

Best Thru-Hiking Tent

"A laundry list of well-thought-out details makes these tents exceptional in rough weather...one version of the X-Mid or another should be near the top of your list."


Highly Recommended

"If you want one of the highest-quality and best-performing ultralight shelters on the market, the X-Mid Pro should be at the top of your list."

Backpacker Magazine

A Titan of Featherweight Design

"Simpler than just about any other trekking-pole tent. It’s hard to beat the simple but effective design."

Adventure Alan

Our Favourite Super Ultralight Tent

"No other tent on the market gives you this much livable area for so little weight....an incredible tent design"

Backwoods Pursuit

An Absolute Gem

"Deflects wind, rain, and even snow with ease. Extreme attention to detail make it a joy to set up. I’m a HUGE fan."


The X-Mid Pro 2+ has a focus on simplicity and ease of use because when conditions are tough you want a tent that works effortlessly.

Most notably, the X-Mid Pro 2+ has the same simple pitch the X-Mid tents are highly regarded for. The rectangular base is intuitive to stake out and the tent can be pitched with as few as 4 stakes. There are no odd angles or distances to estimate, no struts to complicate the process, and no need to measure the pole heights because the fly will naturally limit them to the correct height.

Once pitched, the ease-of-use continues with magnetic door toggles on the fly, along with magnetic door toggles on the inner doors (an industry first). Entry is easy with large doorways that are not blocked by trekking poles (like most competing tents). Instead, the X-Mid puts the vestibules beside the door in an easy to reach spot which also creates a shorter reach to close the fly. The X-Mid Pro 2+ also provides a tensioned floor that lies taut and wrinkle free, dual doorways, dual vestibules, and premium zippers that operate one handed.

Dual Magnetic Toggles

Dual magnetic door toggles allow not only the fly doors to be easily secured but also magnetically secure the inner doors (an industry first).


Unlike most trekking pole tents, the doorways are large and not blocked by trekking poles.

Full Coverage Fly

The fly extends low to the ground to block drafts and rain splatter, yet can be raised for more ventilation. Other tents cut away the bottom of the fly to save weight but it leaves you more exposed.

Generous Space

A generous 52" wide floor fits two wide rectangular pads, while the larger size and X-Mid geometry give palatial interior volume.

Peak vents

Dual peak vents minimize condensation.


In addition to the highest performance design, the X-Mid Pro has higher quality than any other tent Dyneema Composite Fabric (DCF) tent. We build these tents at the most experienced tent factory in the world for DCF using hot bonded technology that gives stronger seams than quicker cold taping or sewing methods. Our production process also includes a proprietary pre-shrinking process for DCF so the shape is more stable over time and is avoids shrinkage over time which affects other DCF tents. Additionally, we use thoughtful design and reinforcements to avoid stressing the fabric diagonally (on the 'bias') which adds costs but prevents premature degradation.

We also go a step further in many other ways including tighter tolerances for panel dimensions than other brands, a long list of additional requirements and checks, and pitching each tent twice for quality inspections before it ships to you. This premium quality gives the X-Mid Pro 2+ a substantially higher cost of production than competing tents.


The X-Mid shape has been developed from the first principles of geometry to be as weight efficient, user friendly, and functional as possible.

The result is a tent that is a joy to use because it avoids all the common pitfalls of trekking pole shelters such as a complicated pitch, mandatory guylines, numerous required stakes, poles blocking the doorways, struts that make it awkward to pack up, vestibules that put the main area in front of the door, and an awkwardly long reach to close the fly doors.

Read the story about how the more functional X-Mid geometry was developed:

The palatial X-Mid Pro 2+ is the world's lightest tent that can accommodate two wide rectangular pads, while also being highly stormworthy and user friendly. It is the ideal tent for everything from a thru hike of National Scenic Trail to a traverse of Alaska's Brooks Range.





19.2 oz / 545 g (DCF floor) or 21.5 oz / 610 g (Silnylon floor)


Stuff Sack

0.3oz / 8g (DCF) or 0.4 oz / 12 g (Silnylon)


Stakes (Optional)

DAC J Stakes (4 x 6" @ 7 g; 4 x 8" @ 16 g)


Typical Setup (Tent, Sack, 6 Stakes)

22.2 oz / 630 g (DCF floor) or 24.6 oz (Silnylon floor).



Generous Space

The X-Mid Pro 2+ is the worlds lightest tent that can fit two wide rectangular pads. It has a generous 52" wide floor with a long length and best in class headroom thanks to the patented X-Mid geometry that creates more volume from two poles.

Dyneema® Fabric

Dyneema® Composite fabric (DCF) is extremely strong and highly waterproof (8,000mm).

Hot Bonded

Premium hot bonded construction is a more costly production method than sewing or cold taping but provides stronger seams.



The X-Mid Pro 2+ provides unprecedented stormworthiness, user friendliness, and space for an ultralight tent, including being the world's lightest tent that can fit two wide rectangular pads. To illustrate this, the table below compares the X-Mid Pro 2+ to what is typically seen in competing tents (2P singlewall/hybrid DCF tents).


X-Mid Pro 2+

Main Competitors

Floor width

52" / 1.32 m

45-48" or 50" (1.27 m) but only at one end.

Fits two wide rectangular pads



Length (inside fly)

106" / 2.7 m

100" / 2.55 m

Length (floor)

90" / 2.3 m

84 - 90" / 2.15 - 2.3 m



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Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews
Dai Li

X-Mid Pro 2+

Mark Howard
2 nights in so far

We took it to Jennie Lakes Wilderness in Sequoi NP. I shared it with my adult son. We are big guys so it was just sufficient for us. Easy setup and tear down. Great weather so we didn’t really test out its weather capabilities. Zippers and pockets were great.

Jason Lindsay
Fantastic Tent!

Used my new X-Mid Pro 2+ last week and it was fantastic! So easy to set up and take down - even in the rain (and it poured for hours!!) Very roomy for my son and me and the vestibules are simply great! Can’t say enough about the tent!!

Glad you're liking the tent. Thanks for using our gear.
- Dan Durston

Ian Cushion
Another brilliant product

Just had my second tent from Durston which was the XMid 2 pro plus. Only have 2 outings with it so far but this has now become my new favourite tent to use! Love it

Alexander Bryant
Great Customer Support, Great Team, and Great Tent.

The tent and the Durston team are great. On my first trip out with the Pro 2+, a few months after purchase may I add, I realized that I had a manufacturing defect with the peak of the tent. I reached out to the Durston team explaining my situation and they sent me a new one. They were even willing to send it out early for me to make a trip I had planned in the following week. The Pro 2+ is extremely cozy for my me, my wife, and my dog. The weight makes it easy to bring those extra comfort items and not feel like I brought the kitchen sink. And let me say, 4 stakes minimum is really nice. I would recommend this tent to anyone wanting a ultralight mansion.


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