X-Mid Groundsheet

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X-Mid Groundsheets

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Factory built groundsheets offer greater protection and a cleaner floor for your X-Mid tent.

The stock X-Mid floor is durable enough to last hundreds of nights without a groundsheet when used with care on regular surfaces, but a groundsheet is recommended for camping on harsh surfaces (e.g. rock, gravel) or for users that prefer a greater level of protection.

While many companies are content to sell you a piece of tyvek or a simple bit of fabric, we think groundsheets should be built to the same high quality standards as the tent. Our groundsheets are built using top of the line custom materials and construction methods. Unlike perhaps any other company, our groundsheets are fully double stitched, use double folded edges (to hide the raw fabric edges), have generous bartacking, and reinforce all of the connection points. Overkill perhaps, but for a negligible weight difference we can make a groundsheet to be proud of.

The fabric is a custom sil/PEU ripstop 20D polyester, which is quite a bit nicer and smaller packing than tyvek while being much more durable than polycro groundsheets.

As always, ease of use has been carefully considered. These groundsheets are designed to clip right in to either the fly or floor (whichever you prefer) and can be left clipped in place for next time.

Additional information

Weight.240 kg
Dimensions35 × 25 × 2 cm
Tent Model

X-Mid 1 (all years), X-Mid 2 (v1, 2019 – spring 2022), X-Mid 2 (v2, summer 2022 onwards), X-Mid Pro 1, X-Mid Pro 2

Ship Date

In Stock, Late February

Features & Specs


  • Durable 20D ripstop polyester
  • Sil coating on the bottom provides maximum durability while PEU coating on the top surface makes it non-slippery.
  • Polyester fabric doesn’t absorb water so it dries quickly and stays light
  • Polyester fabric provides excellent abrasion resistance for its’ weight.
  • Clips in to either the fly or inner
  • Pole handle connections keep groundsheet taut
  • Works without the inner tent for a 22 oz (1P) or 27 oz (2P) fly + footprint setup
  • Fully double-stitched and double-folded edge construction


  • X-Mid 1P Groundsheet: 114 g / 4.0 oz
  • X-Mid Pro 1 Groundsheet: 108 g / 3.8 oz
  • X-Mid 2P Groundsheet: 210 g / 7.4 oz
  • X-Mid 2P v2 Groundsheet: 170 g / 6.0 oz
  • X-Mid Pro 2 Groundsheet: 140 g / 4.9 oz


  • 20 denier 420 threadcount 100-percent polyester in anthracite
  • 2000mm waterproof Sil/PEU coating
  • Made in Vietnam (same premium factory as the tents)


The X-Mid groundsheets are the same parallelogram shape as the X-Mid floor. They do not cover the vestibules.

The groundsheets for the X-Mid 1 and 2 groundsheets have cords which clip to the four corners of the fly. These cords can be shortened/removed to clip the groundsheet to the corners of the floor instead if you prefer. The groundsheet for the Pro tents (X-Mid Pro 1, X-Mid Pro 2) clip to the corners of the floor although cords can be added if you want them to clip to the fly corners. Either way, the groundsheet can be removed upon takedown or left attached for next time.

These groundsheets also have connection points to your trekking pole handles to hold them taut and in position.


X-Mid 1
The X-Mid 1 groundsheet works with all years of tents (2019 – present). There is no change to the groundsheet with the v2 generation of the X-Mid 1 tent because while the tent floor got larger, the groundsheet was already a bit oversized so it continues to work well with the v2 version.

X-Mid 2
In summer 2022 we released the v2 of the X-Mid 2 which has a similar sized floor but a smaller fly footprint. As such, we updated the groundsheet to have shorter cords to clip properly into the now smaller fly while keeping the actual groundcloth the same size. This v2 also adds a new cord running from the pole connection point to the corner as well to help the floor sit nicer.

The cords can be adjusted on either version to work for any X-Mid 2. If you have a v1 you would shorten the two long cords by a few inches to work for the v2. If you have a v2, you could untie the cord to the pole connection and use this longer piece to extend the length of the cord from the corner by a few inches to work with a v1 fly.

While it is easy to use either version with any X-Mid 2,  we recommend v1 owners purchase the v1 groundsheet and v2 owners purchase the v2 groundsheet so that no cord adjustments are needed.  The v2 design went into effect in summer 2022 with the release of the X-Mid 2 Solid and will be used on all X-Mid 2 (regular and solid) hereafter.

X-Mid Pro 1 and 2
There is only one version of these tents, so the X-Mid Pro 2 groundsheet works for all batches of that tent while the X-Mid Pro 1 works for all batches of that tent.

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