Durston Logo Sticker 3-Pack

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Durston Logo Sticker Pack

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After years of requests and field testing on the company 4×4, Durston Gear logo stickers are now available. We are humbled by your interest in our company and as a small grassroots company with no marketing budget, we greatly appreciate your support and willingness to spread the word about our gear.

These stickers are offered as a 3-pack including one sticker in each size: small (2″), medium (3″), and large (4″). The small stickers are perfect for applications like cell phone cases and battery banks, medium goes well on water bottles and laptops, and the large size is perfect for car bumpers and gear totes.

The stickers are a premium vinyl construction that holds up well in demanding outdoor applications.

Additional information

Weight.015 kg
Dimensions15 × 23 × .25 cm

Features and Specs


  • Small sticker (2″): 0.02 oz / 0.5 g
  • Medium sticker (3″): 0.04 oz / 1.1 g
  • Large sticker (4″): 0.06 oz / 1.8 g


  • Durable vinyl stickers hold up well to rain and UV to provide a long life in any application

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