X-Mid Groundsheet

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Tent Model: X-Mid 1

Our factory built groundsheets offer greater protection and a cleaner floor for your X-Mid tent. The stock X-Mid floor is durable enough to last hundreds of nights without a groundsheet provided it is used with care on regular surfaces. A groundsheet is recommended for camping on harsher surfaces (e.g. rock, gravel), to provide a greater level of protection against unforeseen objects, and to keep your tent cleaner.


While many companies are content to sell you a piece of tyvek or a simple bit of fabric, we think groundsheets should be built to the same high quality standards as the tent you are using it with.

Our groundsheets are built using top of the line custom materials and construction methods. Unlike perhaps any other company, our groundsheets are fully double stitched, use double folded edges (to hide the raw fabric edges), have generous bartacking, and reinforce all of the connection points.

Unnecessary perhaps, but for a negligible weight difference we can make a groundsheet to be proud of.


Our groundsheets are the same shape as the floor (they do not cover the vestibule). To use the groundsheet, position it logo side up and slide it under the floor and clip it to the four floor corners. The ground sheet can be left attached to the tent or removed if you wish. We suggest normally leaving it attached but removing it when drying the tent.

X-Mid 1

Works with the X-Mid 1, X-Mid 1 Solid (all years), and X-Mid Pro 1.

X-Mid 2
Works with the X-Mid 2, X-Mid 2 Solid (all years), and X-Mid Pro 2+

X-Mid Pro 1
Works with the X-Mid Pro 1 (all years), X-Mid 1, and X-Mid 1 Solid

X-Mid Pro 2
Works with the X-Mid Pro 2 (all years).

X-Mid Pro 2+
Works with the X-Mid Pro 2+ (all years), X-Mid 2, and X-Mid 2 Solid



X-Mid 1 Groundsheet

3.3 oz / 95 g


X-Mid Pro 1 Groundsheet

3.3 oz / 95 g


X-Mid 2 Groundsheet

5.1 oz / 146 g


X-Mid Pro 2 Groundsheet

4.8 oz / 135 g

Customer Reviews

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I do like this ground sheet but I wish they made a bigger one to cover at least one of the vestibule areas so your pack doesn’t sit on dusty or wet ground. This only covers the sleeping area. I’ll end up taking another ground sheet too I suspect.

Isaac Kehler

X-Mid Groundsheet


Confused how it attaches to the tent bottom

Chris Blades

X-Mid Groundsheet


Really like this groundsheet. Lightweight